Using Asphalt or Concrete Curbing to Your Advantage

Today’s landscapers and property developers are finally beginning to think “outside the box” and are using traditional materials and techniques in a whole new way to create advantages for property owners. One of the most exciting areas of development is the use of asphalt curbing and concrete curbing to define landscaping areas, enhance the look of the property and improve overall function.

The word “curb” usually brings to mind a picture of the concrete border that aligns a sidewalk or borders the asphalt out on the street. However, curbing is really just another type of border or edging that can be used in a number of unique ways. Whether you choose to use asphalt curbing, precast curbing or cast-in-place curbing for your next project, the important thing is to choose a reputable installer who can suggest unique and functional ways to use these products and materials.

Visual Appeal

The use of concrete curbing in commercial, municipal or residential settings will first aid in the visual appeal and appearance of the property. Choose from a variety of textures, colors, shapes and patterns to create a unique finished product for your next project. Use asphalt curbing around trees and other landscaping elements on a walkway for commercial storefronts. Add concrete curbing to help define pedestrian areas in a greenbelt or other park setting to prevent visitors from walking where they shouldn’t. Curbing creates smooth, continuous lines that are visually appealing to visitors, creating a professional and clean look.

Landscape Barriers

When used as a landscape barrier, concrete curbing is a great way to reduce the amount of time spent mowing and edging grass. It also works to prevent roots of trees and bushes from spreading to other parts of the property by keeping everything controlled and in one place. Asphalt or concrete curbing is also much more durable and long-lasting than other landscape barrier materials, such as wood, metal or brick.

Custom Designs

Today’s professional curbing installers have a number of unique techniques and methods available to them to help create custom curbing designs for property owners. Curved, winding, colored and textured curbing is available to help you achieve the look and function you desire. You might be surprised to find out all of the patterns and styles that can be created by professional curbing installers today.

Property Drainage

In addition to creating barriers and enhancing the look of the surrounding landscaping, today’s curbing is also very functional. One of the biggest advantages to using concrete curbing is to improve the water drainage of a commercial or residential property. Controlling water flow from sprinklers, rainfall and other common causes of flooding can help to protect your landscaping and building from potential damage.

Parking Lots

Curbing can be used in a number of ways in commercial or office building parking lots. Commonly used to separate sidewalks from driving or parking areas, curbing can also be used to direct the flow of traffic from the entrance to the exit of the parking lot, keep vehicles restricted to a certain area and prevent vehicles from rolling and hitting other cars while left unattended.

Other Benefits of Choosing Asphalt or Concrete Curbing

Asphalt and concrete curbing is much more economical than traditional landscaping edging materials. It is also much more durable and long-lasting, qualities that are put to the test in weather conditions experienced in the New England states. Asphalt and concrete won’t rust or deteriorate like other materials. Plastic can crack, wood can decompose and steel will eventually rust, but asphalt and concrete are built to last.

Concrete curbing also adds value to a property, is easy to install without having to disturb the existing landscaping and works to solve design problems faced by other border-defining materials. Stop weeds, grass and tree roots from invading other parts of your property and control water flow at the same time.

Custom colors, patterns, shapes and textures can be added to match or enhance the color scheme of your building or landscaping. Asphalt curbing can be poured in a single, continuous line, creating a curve, bend or angle that most other materials can’t handle. With proper care, your new asphalt or concrete curbing will last for many years to come.

Where to Get Asphalt or Concrete Curbing in New England

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