Our clients can choose from a variety of unique construction methods, designs, styles, textures and even colors to create custom concrete sidewalks. Choose from classic smooth mag trowel finishes, exposed aggregate, colored concrete, textured finishes and ADA compliant sidewalks.

Sandstone Construction has the know-how and experience to create decorative, functional sidewalks designed to enhance the look and feel of your project. Not sure what type of sidewalk construction would work best for your needs? Keep reading for more information on the type of sidewalks available to help you decide.


A monolithic sidewalk is a finished product that is created by forming and pouring the sidewalk as one. The result is an all-in-one sidewalk and curb.

The biggest advantage to choosing a monolithic sidewalk design, is that it is much stronger, durable and longer-lasting than other sidewalk pouring methods.

Monolithic sidewalks do not crack as easily or as frequently as other types of sidewalks. The machine used to create these sidewalks makes a complete sidewalk and curb in a lot less time than conventional construction methods.

Exposed Aggregate

One of the most popular choices for creating a unique sidewalk surface material is exposed aggregate. It gives concrete a natural, textured look by allowing all of the stone  underneath the concrete to show through at the surface. A number of unique texture and color choices are available with this sidewalk construction method, allowing project managers to choose matching or contrasting options to use with their overall project.

Exposed aggregate is extremely durable, as it is made out of concrete and stone. The stones used in this method help to create a naturally non-skid surface, even during wet weather. This type of sidewalk will last many years and is designed to withstand exposure to the elements, including snow, rain, ice and extreme sunlight.

Colored Concrete

Project managers who are looking to add a touch of creativity to their project will often choose to use colored concrete in their sidewalk construction. The options and color choices available through this method are endless, and can also be made to simulate the look of other sidewalk materials, including tile, pavers, flagstone and brick. It can be combined with other concrete finishes, including aggregate, architectural or mag trowel, to create a unique design.

Colored concrete is a great solution for breaking up large areas of concrete by creating unique color patterns. It is also functional and works to protect the new sidewalk against future stains that can come from continuous exposure to dirt, tire marks, oil and grease. For example, a simple layering of different shades of darker gray, will help minimize otherwise noticeable stains and marks that are often seen in traditional light gray concrete.

Architectural Finish

Also known in the industry as a “broom” finish, the architectural finish is an excellent choice for projects that require or would be enhanced by a custom, decorative concrete finish. Choose from a variety of looks, colors, textures and more to create a custom sidewalk design. Speak with your Sandstone Construction representative for more information on the options available.

A broom finish is created by adding a texture to partially hardened concrete. This also gives your new sidewalk better traction in wet weather and other slippery conditions. The end result is a good-looking, custom sidewalk design that is made from durable, long-lasting concrete. This method combines desirable qualities of both style and performance to create a unique finished product.

ADA Compliant Sidewalks

Sandstone Construction specializes in the development and creation of sidewalks that are compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). Sidewalks, walkways, wheelchair ramps and other concrete projects must be designed to eliminate trip hazards for disabled persons, which are defined as any vertical change that is over a quarter of an inch at any joint or crack.

Due to the strict enforcement of the ADA, shopping centers, schools, commercial businesses, residential properties, private communities and many other property owners must be concerned with creating ADA compliant sidewalks and facilities. Creating ADA compliant sidewalks isn’t just a good business practice in addressing the needs of customers, clients and visitors to the property in question, it can also become a legal liability if the project is not done properly according to ADA standards.

Speak with your Sandstone Construction representative for more information about the different options and techniques available to our clients for the construction of ADA compliant sidewalks and ramps. We provide a wide array of innovative solutions designed to help our clients create ADA compliant projects that are both functional and professional in design.