Curbs are designed to execute a number of important functions. They help to control drainage, support the edge of the pavement and prevent vehicles and pedestrians from accidentally leaving the pavement. Sandstone Construction offers a wide variety of curbing options, primarily for use in parking lots, walkways and in conjunction with sidewalks.

Whether you are looking for a strong, durable granite solution or would like to add concrete pre-cast or cast-in-place curbing to your property or construction project, Sandstone Construction has the experience and ability to get the job done. For more information on the different types of curbing options available, please continue reading to the sections below.

Granite Curbing

When it comes to creating curbing along patios, walkways, driveways or lawns, granite is the ideal material to use. Granite curbing is extremely durable and long-lasting, plus it can be customized to create a unique look that will distinguish your hardscaping materials from other projects in the area.

Granite curbing is also functional. It provides a strong, clean edge that makes snow removal easier and helps to keep decorative landscaping materials in place to increase the life of your driveway, sidewalk or parking lot. There are many advantages to choosing granite over other types of curbing materials, including cost-effectiveness, re-usability and longevity.

Pre-Cast Curbing

Property owners and managers who are looking for a curbing product that provides benefits, such as a quality appearance, cost-effectiveness, ease of installation and durability, should consider pre-cast curbing. Designed to withstand harsh New England winters and strong summer sun, the clean lines and quality finishes available in pre-cast curbing provide a durable, long-lasting solution that continues to look good and perform as desired for many years.

Pre-cast concrete curbing is a very popular option, as it is easy to install and replace as-needed. Created with a controlled consistency and fibers that are strategically added to increase durability, you can count on pre-cast curbing to out-last many other typical curbing materials and solutions. Contact Sandstone Construction for more information on the products and installation options available with pre-cast curbing.

Cast-in-Place Curbing

When most people think about concrete curbing, they think about cast-in-place. This type of curbing is created through the use of a raised concrete barrier that is placed in forms before being back filled with rock and pavement. There are many advantages to using cast-in-place curbing over pre-cast concrete curbing. In particular, the flexibility and adaptability of choosing this method in construction of curbing easily accommodates the need to create ADA compliant ramps and other unique features.

In addition to these benefits, cast-in-place curbing also eliminates caulked joints and other areas that could collect and cause water penetration between pre-cast solutions to keep out dirt, water, de-icing materials and other chemicals that could cause cracks or other damage to the curbing over time. This is extremely beneficial in parking structures and other areas that get a lot of wear and use. Speak with your Sandstone Construction representative about your specific needs to determine which curbing solution is right for your project.