Construction Services & Portfolio

Sandstone Construction specializes in the creation of custom concrete sidewalks and curbing. Additional services are also available, including brick and concrete pavers, stone walls and ADA compliant concrete construction. All of our services can be customized according to the unique needs of each client, applying a number of distinct finishes, construction methods and aesthetic designs, to each of the products we provide.

With many years of experience serving clients throughout the New England states, Sandstone Construction has built a solid reputation for its vast knowledge and experience in working with concrete, stone and brick. Give your next project the look and feel that it deserves. Whether you would like to improve function, add color or give it an architectural look with a custom finish, Sandstone Construction will create a unique finished product that will accentuate your commercial or residential project.


Our clients can choose from a variety of unique construction methods, designs, styles, textures and even colors to create custom concrete sidewalks. Choose from classic smooth mag trowel finishes, exposed aggregate, colored concrete, textured finishes and ADA compliant sidewalks.

Sandstone Construction has the know-how and experience to create decorative, functional sidewalks designed to enhance the look and feel of your project.

Not sure what type of sidewalk construction would work best for your needs? Keep reading for more information on the type of sidewalks available to help you decide… read more


Curbs are designed to execute a number of important functions. They help to control drainage, support the edge of the pavement and prevent vehicles and pedestrians from accidentally leaving the pavement. Sandstone Construction offers a wide variety of curbing options, primarily for use in parking lots, walkways and in conjunction with sidewalks.

Whether you are looking for a strong, durable granite solution or would like to add concrete pre-cast or cast-in-place curbing to your property or construction project, Sandstone Construction has the experience and ability to get the job done. For more information on the different types of curbing options available, please continue reading to the sections below.  When it comes to creating curbing along patios, walkways, driveways or lawns, granite is the ideal material to use. Granite curbing is extremely durable and long-lasting, plus it can be customized to create a unique look that will distinguish your hardscaping materials from other projects in the area… read more


When it comes to creating patios, walkways and other hardscaping surfaces, pavers are a great material that can be used to create a good-looking, cost-effective solution. Pavers are typically made of either concrete or brick and are formed into units that are a couple of inches thick and are shaped into square, rectangular or other geometrical shapes.

Pavers are also very versatile and durable, providing property owners with many years of use when installed properly by a professional. Choosing between brick and concrete pavers will be determined by the unique needs of the property, including appearance, cost and maintenance requirements.  This type of paver is made from a combination of all-natural clay, sand and water. It is usually formed into rectangles or blocks before being baked or fired at a high temperature. This process is used to remove any excess moisture to increase the durability and strength of the finished product… read more


Walls & Stairs

Custom designed walls are available to our clients through Sandstone Construction. We currently work with stone, dry stone and VERSA-LOK segmental retaining wall systems that can all be used with both commercial and residential applications. With many years of experience working with custom wall designs in the New England area, we can create a functional and attractive-looking wall for your next project.

Choose from a variety of unique colors, matters and styles using natural stone, pre-cast stone and unique installation methods. All of our custom walls at Sandstone Construction can be installed on both flat and sloped ground, overcoming grading issues and providing privacy, security or aesthetic hardscaping elements where required.  Professional installers have been using this product for over 25 years. VERSA-LOK is the “original solid, top-pinning segmental retaining wall system,” providing an… read more