Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About ADA Compliant Sidewalks

Property owners must be aware of the standards required by the American with Disabilities Act or ADA whenever new sidewalks, walkways, parking lots and other areas of accessibility are designed and created. The ADA was created as a set of specific guidelines designed to ensure that commercial, residential and public facilities are built according to […] Read more »

Using Asphalt or Concrete Curbing to Your Advantage

Today’s landscapers and property developers are finally beginning to think “outside the box” and are using traditional materials and techniques in a whole new way to create advantages for property owners. One of the most exciting areas of development is the use of asphalt curbing and concrete curbing to define landscaping areas, enhance the look […] Read more »

Dry Stone Walls: Standing the Test of Time

When it comes to building walls, there are many methods that are used. However, one method in particular has been around for centuries and has been able to stand the test of time. Dry stone is a method of wall construction that uses natural stones to create a retaining, property, privacy or other type of […] Read more »

How to Choose a Sidewalk Style for Your Next Project

You might think that a sidewalk is a sidewalk. When most people think about sidewalks and walkways, they think of a strip of light gray concrete that leads a path from one building or area of a property to another. While we have all seen fancier, more stylish sidewalks and paths, not a lot is […] Read more »